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Open Session List

Society for the History of Technology (SHOT)
Annual Meeting - Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA)
26-29 October 2017

Individuals interested in finding others to join panel sessions for the Annual Meeting may propose Open Sessions, starting January  20, with a final deadline of March 15.  Open Sessions descriptions, along with organizer contact information, will appear as soon as possible on this page.  (The earlier the proposal, the earlier it will be posted to the website.) 

Submitting an open session proposal

Open Sessions proposals are limited to two pages total. The first page should include a title, session organizer name, and contact information at the top, followed by a paragraph or two clearly describing the proposed session topic or theme and its significance in the broader study of the history of technology. 

Submit Open Session proposals in a single PDF or Word file to the secretary’s office ( The secretary’s office will post the proposals on the SHOT-website.

Joining  a proposed panel

To join a proposed panel from the Open Sessions list, contact the organizer for that panel, not the Program Committee.  Open Session organizers will then assemble full panel sessions and submit them to SHOT by the end of the regular call for papers on March 31, 2017. The Program Committee will review the resulting fully formed session proposals, whether traditional or unconventional, for quality and adherence to SHOT standards of gender, geographic, and institutional diversity.

(Pease note: If any presenter in a session would like to be considered for the Robinson Prize, please be sure to indicate this on their abstract page AND send the SHOT secretary a separate email indicating this, at For Robinson Prize eligibility rules, click here.)



For more information on any of the open sessions listed below, click on the session title to access a PDF of the abstract.

To inquire about joining one of the Open Sessions listed below, please contact the session organizer by clicking on the appropriate link (you will be prompted to send an email).


Open Session Title: Maintaining Natures

Download the proposal here.

Contact the organizers:

Nicole Welk-Joerger, University of Pennsylvania (

Alice Clifton, Georgia Institute of Technology (


Open Session Title: Time out of Joint: Reflections from the Chronological and Methodological Extremes of the History of Technology

Download the proposal here.

Contact the organizers:

Kathryn de Luna, Georgetown University (   

Cyrus Mody, Maastricht University (   

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