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Session Schedule

The program committee (chaired by Eda Kranakis) has put together an outstanding line-up of sessions.You will not only be able to hear papers on timely topics such as the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, but also on topics ranging from superconductivity to technology and the body to the Tao of innovation.

All SHOT sessions will take place in the Marriott Key Center, only a five-minute walk from where the History of Science Society (HSS) and the Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) are meeting.

For details of the topics, participants, and schedule of the more than fifty academic sessions listed below, please see the attached PDF file. Print out the file, review it, and mark it up as a convenient way of organizing your time at the meeting.

Thursday, 3 November
6.00-7.00 pm
1 Dealing with Disasters: Perspectives on Fukushima from the History and Social Studies of Science and Technology
Plenary sponsored by SHOT, HSS, and 4S

Friday, 4 November
8.30-10.00 am
2 Science, Technology, and Development Roundtable
Sponsored by the International Outreach Committee
3 Beyond the Science-Technology Relationship
Co-sponsored by HSS
4 Mobilizing Media
5 Constructions of Gender
6 Mapping the Earth: From Underground Geographies to Orbital Landscapes
7 The Politics of Representation
8 The Fabric of Armed Encounter
9 Superconductivity: From New Materials to New Devices
10.30 am-12.30 pm
10 Roundtable: Engaging with Asia--Responsibilities and Opportunities in the History of Science and Technology
Co-sponsored by HSS
11 Producing Efficiency--Consuming Efficiently? Changing Meanings of Private Energy Consumption, 1900-1990
12 Visual Culture, Technology, and History
13 Controlling Territories, Crossing Boundaries: Information and Communication Technologies Between Authoritarianism and Democracy
14 Cold War Control Culture
15 Mobility Networks
16 Sight, Sound, and Surveillance
1:30-3:30 pm
  The Centennial of Mme Curie's Nobel Prize in Chemistry
(2011, 1911) and its Social Significance

Van Aken Room, Renaissance Hotel
Part of the HSS Program, co-sponsored by SHOT
  Science and Regulation in a Contaminated World: Part I
Gold Room, Renaissance Hotel
Part of the HSS Program, co-sponsored by SHOT
2.00-3.30 pm
17 Sidney Edelstein Book Prize Roundtable
2011 Winner: Joy Parr for Sensing Changes: Technologies, Environments, and the Everyday, 1953-2003
18 Making People Like Their Inescapable Social Destiny: Technologies of Power and Control in Natural Resource Development
19 Technology and Subjectivity: Approaches Toward Understanding the Psychology of Technological Change
20 Amateur Experts
21 Dreading the Dull Drive: Creating and Contesting Cinematic Parkways, Straight Autostrade and Corridor Highways
22 Geographies of Computing: Straddling the Divide Between the Global and the Local
23 Technologies of the Body
24 Communication Technopolitics
4.00-5.30 pm
25 Plenary Session: da Vinci Prize Lecture
(The 2011 recipient will be announced in the final printed program)
  Science and Regulation in a Contaminated World: Part II
Gold Room, Renaissance Hotel
Part of the HSS Program, co-sponsored by SHOT

Saturday, 5 November
8.30-10.00 am
26 Infrastructure(s) and the Fukushima Earthquake: A Roundtable on Emergencies, Nuclear and Otherwise
27 Degrees of Control: Introducing Regulating Technologies in the Field
28 Coded Narratives: Memory, Practice and Community in the History of Software
29 Organization, Technology, and Policy: Central Themes of the Defense Acquisition Process
30 (Wo)Man-Machine
31 Exploring Network Mobilities
32 Environmental Dreams
9:00-11:45 am
  Sensing Tones: Hermann von Helmholtz at the Intersection of Sound, Music, and Science
Garfield Room, Renaissance Hotel
Part of the HSS program, co-sponsored by SHOT
10.30 am-12.30 pm
33 Reexamining the Origins of the History of Technology at Case
34 Before Fukushima: Public Concerns about Nuclear Safety
35 Do Politics Have Artifacts? The Promise of International Communications Networks
36 Negotiating the Limits of Control
37 The Tao of Innovation
38 Nations and the Construction of 'Modernity'
39 Microcosms: Grasping the World Through Everyday Artifacts
1:30-3:30 pm
  Emerging Methodologies in the Scholarship in History of Recent Science: Lessons from Food History
Gold Room, Renaissance Hotel
Part of the HSS Program, co-sponsored by SHOT
2.00-3.30 pm
40 Streetcar Cultures and Politics in Comparative Perspective, 1859-1915
41 Hot & Cold: Manipulating & Disciplining Bodies With Technologies of Temperature
42 Controlling Oceans... Or Not
43 Tensions of Agricultural 'Modernization' from Imperialism to Postcolonialism
44 Institutions and Strategies of Controlling Useful and Reliable Knowledge in Early Modern Europe
45 Conflicting Rhetorics of Labor
46 Expert Communities
4.00-5.30 pm
47 Infrastructure and Stabilization
48 Conducting Space Science, Technology, and Engineering
49 Technology and Territory in Post-War Archi-technical Historiography
50 Styling Production: National Contexts of Global Manufacturing
51 Visionaries and the Technological Imaginary
52 Spaces of Knowledge Production
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