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SHOT 2012
Tensions of Europe

Tensions of Europe (ToE) is an international scientific network consisting of almost 300 scientists from all over Europe and the United States. Since its start in 1999, the network explored a broad range of themes, focusing on the linking and delinking of infrastructures, the emergence of transnational technical communities, and the circulation of artifacts, systems, knowledge and people. By organizing inspiring conferences and summer schools as well as by stimulating international research collaboration and disseminating research results to various audiences, TOE wants to reveal the role of technology as an agent of change in European history.

Collaborative Research Projects
The ToE research agenda was developed as a common base for future research and has inspired a series of (inter)national research applications. In 2006 this resulted in the EUROCORES programme, Inventing Europe: Technology and the Making of Europe, 1850 to the Present.  In addition, the work of several nationally funded research programmes feeds into the TOE research agenda.

A Ph.D. program with partners in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands was designed to involve Central and Eastern Europe in the network and the research. In 2010 the Karen Johnson Freeze Fellowship Fund was established in collaboration with SHOT to further stimulate the work of young scholars in these regions.

ToE created its own platforms to present the results of its (ongoing) research to various audiences: biennial ToE conferences offer scholars the possibility to present their findings and ideas to a scientific audience, while the working paper series stimulates scholars to share and get feedback on their ongoing research. The Technology and European History Series invites (young) scholars to publish their work.

On top of that, the coming years will witness the publication of a new history of Europe. By means of the six-volume book series Making Europe: Technology and Transformations, 1850-2000, the research results will be further disseminated to a broad scholarly community. A virtual exhibit will accompany the book series.

Conference in Copenhagen
The fifth Tensions of Europeconference will take place at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) on Wednesday and Thursday 3-4 October, 2012, prior to the SHOT Meeting. The Foundation for the History of Technology will organize the event, in collaboration with Lars Heide of CBS. The conference will start on Wednesday at 3 PM and end on Thursday afternoon (4 pm), before the opening of the SHOT Meeting.

On the conference program will be the Making Europe book series and the future of Tensions of Europe. In plenary meetings and parallel sessions, the six volumes of the book series will be discussed. In that sense the conference is a prelude to the presentation of the first books in Paris in 2013. Besides that, six selected proposals for ToE future initiatives will be presented and discussed.   For more information, visit the website

Events on the SHOT Program
Working with Ron Kline, the President of SHOT, Johan Schot and Phil Scranton of ToE have organized an opening plenary on Thursday night that explores the theme of transnationalism in the history of technology.  To continue the discussion that the plenary is sure to stimulate, Johan and Phil will run a two-hour workshop on Friday morning from 10.30 to 12.30. In ToE style it will be run with break-out groups, with lots of opportunities for interaction and debate. The outcome of the workshop will be used as an input for the development of ToE's future research agenda.

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