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The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. This year's fiesta overlaps with the SHOT meeting


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Auto production at the Rouge Plant from the Collections of The Henry Ford and The Henry Ford

Albuquerque Annual Meeting Information Coming Soon!

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Full Text of David Nye's Opening Plenary here

Dearborn SHOT Talk here

For 2014, SHOT is delighted to be meeting in Dearborn,Michigan. As the City of Dearborn website rightfully notes:

Portland Waterfront

Internationally recognized as the birthplace of Henry Ford, Dearborn is where auto and steel manufacturing, green beltways, fields of sunflowers and wildlife dwell side by side. The city is a regional center for employment, healthcare services, higher education, shopping and transportation along with outstanding cultural, environmental and visitor attractions.

SHOT 2014 in Dearborn will be a great opportunity to learn and play with a group of friendly and outgoing scholars.People know that attending a SHOT meeting is a chance to catch up on the latest scholarship while having fun. Toward this end, The Society has organized some wonderful industrial tours - including the Ford Rouge Factory, a walking tour of Detroit, and a trip to Windsor, Ontario to explore Walkerville. 

For more information about the planned events please check out the links on the right.

For more about the city of Dearborn visit:

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