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On-Line Images

Images are a valuable resource for the study of technology in a historical context. These may take the form of photographs, technical drawings, maps, prints or paintings. The Internet provides a huge number of sources for these images, here are but a few.

The Library of Congress: Prints and Photographs On-Line Catalog
Begin here to search the millions of images in the Library's collections.

Image Library of the British National Archives
"The image library provides high-resolution digitised scans and photographic prints of The National Archives' images for commercial publication, display, broadcast and merchandise."

Image Collections and Online Art
Compiled by the University of Michigan, a selection of links to various image collections.

Librarians' Internet Index: Photographic Collections
Search engine leadng to "Web sites you can trust," including photographic collections.

Scientific American Past
A collection of thousands of cover scans from the period between 1870 to 1939 and a growing collection of index scans from the same period.

Art History Resources on the Web: Prints and Photographs
A diverse listing of on-line sources, the index of photographic collections is particularly strong and includes a number of technology specific collections.

A searchable database of artists and works with links to the collections that possess (and post images ) of them.

A basic database of overviews of major artists and their works with highlight images.

This database of images for scholarly research requires the user to be associated with one of the nearly 1,200 educational institutions that subscribe to the service.

Olga's Gallery
This site claims to be "one of the largest and most comprehensive collections" of artistic works on-line.

New york Public Library Digital Gallery
Extensive searchable collection of images organized by original collection (many of which are subject specific including technological topics) as well as by subject.

Photographer and Photography Collection Index
A listing of major institutional collections. Images of a civilization
A collection of historical images which are free to teachers, researchers, and students for educational use.

Database of Old Japanese Photographs
A collection of Japanese photographs searchable by category and keyword.

Visualizing Cultures -- Image Driven Scholarship
Hosted by MIT, this is a wonderful collection of images depicting contrasts in the shared experiences of Asian and Western observers.

Images of East Asia at Harvard
A finding guide for the image collections at Harvard College Library. This page includes links to other image collections at Harvard.

Southeast Asian Images and Texts
The gateway to the digital collection of Southeast Asian resources at the University of Wisconsin.

The Empire that Was Russia
An online exhibit from the Library of Congress collection.

Contemporary African Images
A list of links to scores of sources; complied by Stanford University.

The Library of Congress: Africana Collections, An Illustrated Guide
An on-line exhibit of images, photographs, and maps.

Images of the Middle East
Images in the collection of the University of Chicago.

Middle East Photography Resources
A list of links and other resources on the subject, compiled by Duke University.

NOAA Photo Library
A searchable collection of photographs relating to science, technology, and the environment.

NASA Multimedia Page
The source for images, video, podcasts, etc. of NASA activities.

European Space Agency Multimedia Gallery
This pages features a collection of videos, images, animations, and "goodies."

The Library of Congress: Map Collections
The starting point for searching the Library's map collection which includes maps from ancient to modern times from around the world, as well as city-views and an entire section transportation and communications maps.

David Rumsey Map Collection
A collection of maps from all areas and periods.

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