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Although there are few Web sites on technology in world history per se, there are many on times and places or technologies subsumed within the overall subject.  The list below is a sampling of sites of particular interest, and many of these sites will provide links to still more sites. Originally compiled by Michael N. Geselowitz, Ph.D. for Technology in World History (W. Bernard Carlson, edt., Oxford University Press, 2005), the list has been amended and expanded specifically for SHOT. Click on the bold title or "more" to access the designated Web site.

Research Guide: The University of Virginia Library
The University of Virginia Library has a general research guide for history that supports searching for resources specific to the history of technology. The materials--multi-volume reference works, electronic databases, etc.--offer a complete roadmap to studying and writing a paper on many topics within the history of technology. [more]

Library of Congress - Tracer Bulletin: The History of Technology
A treasure trove of general and specific resources on the subject. Information includes references to individual books, journals, articles, dissertations, topical encyclopedias, bibliographies, and Web sites.

HNET Science - Medicine - Technology
One of many topic specific subscribable discussion lists within the field of history, featuring announcements of conferences, CFP's, job listings, book reviews, and the like. [more]

Ice Age Art:  The Cave of Lascaux
This site is from the French Ministry of Culture and features a virtual tour, fantastic images, and learning activities. [more]

There may be more sites about Stonehenge than any other archaeological site.  This site is privately maintained, but tries to be a one-stop resource for everything about megalithic architecture. [more]

Egyptian Pyramids
After Stonehenge, the pyramids of Egypt probably draw the most attention.  This fun and informative site is the companion to a pyramid episode of the PBS series "Nova." [more]

Indian (Wootz) Steel
This article specifically on the history and technology of Wootz steel and Damascene blades is somewhat technical, but authoritative. [more]

Origins of Writing
This site, maintained by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, provides an overview of early writing systems. [more]

Origins of Early Writing Systems
This excellent site provides information on many specific aspects of the topic through abstracts, full papers, and audio recordings of presentations at the "Origins of Writing Systems" conference at Peking University in October 2007. [more]

The Printing Press
This online exhibit created by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Golda Meir Library, featuring their collection of incunabula (books printed before 1501), includes both descriptive text and scanned images of the books themselves. [more]

Virtual Museum of Nautical Archaeology
This is the official site of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology of Texas A&M University, covering such important shipwrecks as Ulu Burun. [more]

Illustrated History of the Roman Empire
A comprehensive site, specializing particularly on Roman military technology, and including roads and forts, hypocausts and aqueducts, towns and architecture. [more]

Viking Longships
Another companion site to a PBS "Nova" episode, this site offers excellent illustrations and information about construction and use of the longship.[more]

Gothic Dreams
This is a site devoted to everything Gothic, especially cathedrals. [more]

A Walk Through Time
The National Institute of Standards and Technology features a site on the history of timekeeping, from archaeoastronomy at Stonehenge, to the medieval clock, to chronometers of the industrial revolution. [more]

Medieval Warfare
Hosted by a company that makes medieval strategy games, this site explains mounted knights, castles, sieges, even the introduction of the cannon. [more]

An article on Arab water-raising machines. [more]

History of Mathematics
This site, maintained by the University of St. Andrews, covers a plethora of topics of interest to technology in world history, including Greek mathematics and science, Indian mathematics, Islamic mathematics and astronomy, Maya mathematics and calendrics, and navigation. [more]

Maori Civilization
The official site of everything Maori, covers mainly contemporary issues but has a history section and also a list of links to a range of technology topics including the settling of Polynesia, ancient navigation, Easter Island, agriculture, fishing, and boats. [more]

Mesoamerican Ballgame
Unbelievably cool site by the Mint Museum of Art. [more]

Rice University's site on the history of mapmaking, including Greece, China, Islam, and the Mercator Projection. [more]

Leonardo Da Vinci: The Complete Works
A compilation of images and commentary on Leonardo's works of art and engineering. [more]

Isambard Kingdom Brunel
His life and work. [more]

A portal for railroad and train history on the Internet, including steam power, steel, and electrification. [more]

Travel Through Time: Train and Railroad History for Kids
The name of this Website is a bit of a misnomer because the links listed here include excellent sources of information for researchers and teachers as well as younger students.

Whole Cloth
A Smithsonian project on the history of American textiles from cottage industry to synthetic fibers, including links to sites like Lowell Mills. [more]

Explore Chemical History
From the Chemical Heritage Foundation, timelines and summaries of topics ranging from alchemy to "molecular milestones" to nanotechnology. [more]

The IEEE Global History Network
Run by the IEEE History Center at Rutgers University, and sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc., this site shows the history and technology of everything electrical, from the telegraph to television, from the washing machine to microwave oven, from the fax machine to the cell phone and the Internet. [more]

America on the Move
From the Smithsonian, this site serves as a portal to information on many aspects of modern transportation, inlcuding planes, trains, and automobiles. [more]

A Century of Flight
The name of this site notwithstanding, it covers considerably more than 100 years of aviation history, with scores of biographies on pioneers before and after the Wright brothers, and dozens of successful and unsuccessful developments in the field. [more]

National Agricultural Library
A division of the US Department of Agriculture, the Library houses one of the world's largest collections of agricultural information. [more]

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