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Travel Grants

The Society for the History of Technology normally awards some grants to support travel to its annual meeting. The program is focused on graduate students, independent scholars, and young professionals just beginning their careers, as well as SHOT International Scholars. Eligible members residing outside the US, Canada, and Western Europe are especially encouraged to apply.

The travel fund was initiated by Hugh Aitken in 1988 and has been supported by individual SHOT members, royalties from two anthologies of articles from Technology and Culture, and generous contributions from the Dibner Fund. Additional funds come from the National Science Foundation.

Travel grant funds may be used only for travel expenses and basic conference registration. Grant funds may not be used for tours, the awards banquet, lodging, or meals. SHOT grants are not meant to cover the full cost of attending meetings; they are intended as encouragement, not a complete subsidy. Reimbursement normally will be made upon submission of travel receipts to the SHOT secretary after the meeting; in exceptional circumstances reimbursement may be made in advance of the meeting.

Grants may range up to $750 for travel on the same continent (for example, to Dearborn from within elsewhere in North America) and up to $1,000 for travel from a different continent. Under special circumstances, which should be explained in the application, the committee may make a larger grant for international travel. Amounts depend in part on the number of applications, and the committee may make partial awards.

Please note that HSS and 4S also award NSF grants and that you may not receive more than one travel grant in a calendar year. We regularly receive more grant requests than we can fulfill. Submitting this application does not guarantee that you will receive a grant.



SHOT's travel grants are intended to assist younger members of the field who face the most severe constraints in finding travel support. The committee considers applicants in this order of priority:

  1. Current SHOT International Scholars
  2. Graduate students
  3. Scholars from outside the United States and Canada and Western Europe who are part of the annual meeting, without regard to their academic rank or position
  4. Postdocs, independent scholars, temporary faculty, adjunct faculty, and part-time faculty (in all cases not more than five years past their terminal degree)
  5. Members of the field who are currently unemployed
  6. Retired members of the society
  7. Assistant professors not more than six years past their Ph.D.

All travel grant recipients must be participating in the meeting program in some capacity. In order of descending priority, the committee will consider whether an applicant is:

  1. Giving a paper and conducting society business, including organizing a session
  2. Giving a paper, including at a "Works-in-Progress" session
  3. Commenting at a session and doing society business
  4. Commenting at a session
  5. Moderating a session and doing society business
  6. Doing society business (serving on a committee, etc.) or moderating a session

Current SHOT International Scholars are strongly encouraged to apply for travel support even if they are not on the program.

Only current SHOT members may apply. If you are not currently a SHOT member, you may join the society or renew an expired membership. If you are unsure of your current membership status, call the Johns Hopkins University Press Journal Division at 1-800-548-17841-800-548-1784 (U.S. and Canada only) or (410) 516-6987(410) 516-6987 (all others) or e-mail

Preference will be given to those who have not received a SHOT travel grant in the past.



Application forms are available in PDF or MS Word. E-mail applications are greatly encouraged. Applications for 2015 grants are due June 15, 2015 (please note: applications for 2016 grants will be due February 15, 2016). The completed application form should be emailed as an attachment to the SHOT secretary at with the subject heading "2015 Travel Grant Application." Alternatively, the completed form may be mailed to:

SHOT Secretary
Department of History
310 Thach Hall
Auburn University, AL
36849-5207 USA

Graduate students must also have their advisors send an e-mail to the SHOT secretary at, with the subject heading "Travel Grant Certification," certifying that the student in question is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program.



2015 Committee on Young Scholars Travel Fund:

Gail Cooper (2013-2015)
Geoff Zylstra, Chair (2014-2016)
Petri Paju (2015-2017) Ross Bassett (ex officio)


2014 Travel Grant recipients:

Steve Anderson (University of California Riverside)
Elizabeth Bruton (University of Leeds)
Cari Casteel (Auburn University)
Jason Chernesky (University of Pennsylvania)
Jonathan Scott Clemens (University of Minnesota)
Gerardo Con Diaz (Yale University)
Paul Gansky (Univcersity of Texas at Austin)
Lisa Haber-Thompson (Harvard University)
Kevin Impellizeri (University of Delaware)
Caroline Jack (Cornell University)
Junsoo Kim (Seoul National University)
Ella Klik (New York University)
Elena Kochetkova (National Research University - Saint Petersburg)
Jongmin Lee (University of Virginia)
Ling-Fei Lin (Cornell University)
William Logan (Auburn University)
John Bosco Lourdusamy (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)
Adam Lucas (University of Wollongong)
Marta Macedo (University of Lisbon)
Annapurna Mamidipudi (Maastricht University)
Saara Matala (Aalto University)
John Mohr (Auburn University)
Ken Mondschein (American International College)
Kasey Mosley (Mississippi State University)
Natalia Nikiforova (Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University)
Joy Rankin (Yale University)
Beth Robertson (Carlton College)
Xiaolei Shi (Harbin Normal University)
Édison Renato Silva (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State)
Hung-Yin Tsai (Virginia Tech)
Mark Vandriel (University of South Carolina)
Charles Walker (University of Maryland, College Park)

For more information, please contact the committee chair or, the SHOT Secretary, David Lucsko,

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