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October 6th, 2020

Society for the History of Technology Award and Fellowship Winners 2020

SHOT is pleased to announce the 2020 Award and Fellowship winners. The prizes will be officially announced during the Awards Ceremony Saturday 10 October at the SHOT 2020 Virtual Forum. The citations will be published after the ceremony.

Leonardo da Vinci Medal

Maria Paula Diogo, New University of Lisbon, Portugal

Arthur P. MolellaDirector Emeritus, Lemelson Center, National Museum of American History

Both medalists will give their De Vinci lecture at the 2021 SHOT Annual meeting in New Orleans.

Kranzberg Dissertation Fellowship

Salem Elzway, University of Michigan
For “Arms of the State: A History of the Industrial Robot in Postwar America”

Brooke Hindle Post-doctoral Fellowship

Sangwoon Yoo, Seoul National University
For “Crafting Innovation: The Technical Achievements of Operators and Maintainers in South Korea’s Semiconductor Assembly Lines”

AHA NASA Fellowship in the History of Space Technology

Jeffrey Mathias, Cornell University
For “Pathologies of Boredom’: Isolation and the Cold War Human Sciences”

Bernard S. Finn IEEE History Prize

Xiaochang Li, Standford University, and Mara Mills, New York University
For “Vocal Features: From Voice Identification to Speech Recognition by Machine,” Technology and Culture, 60:2, Supplement (April 2019): S129–S160

Abott Payson Usher Prize

Daniel Williford, University of Wisconsin-Madison
For “Seismic Politics: Risk and Reconstruction after the 1960 Earthquake in Agadir, Morocco,” Technology and Culture 58:4 October 2017, 982-1016

Joan Cahalin Robinson Prize 2019 (Milan Conference)

Jan Henning, University of Toronto
For: “Opening the Red Box: The Fire Alarm Telegraph and Technologies of Emergency Response”

The committee also mentioned for honorable mention:
Sam Schirvar, University of Pennsylvania: The Last Computers: From Computer to Computer-
Operator through the ENIAC Project
Vaibhav Singh, University of Reading: Language, communication, technological
infrastructure: South Asian printing in the machine age

Martha Trescott Prize (New Award!)

Laura Ettinger, Nicole Conroy & William Barr II
For “What Late-Career and Retired Women Engineers Tell Us: Gender Challenges in Historical Context,” Engineering Studies, 11:3 (2019) 217-242.


The Samuel Eleazar and Rose Tartakow Levinson Prize was not awarded.

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation the Edelstein Prize, the Sally Hacker Prize, and the Dibner Award have been postponed until 2021. Also the Robinson Prize will not be awarded in 2020. The next bi-annual Ferguson Prize will be awarded in 2021.


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