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September 1st, 2021

SIGCIS 2021: 23-25 September Online Edition Conference Schedule and link to registration available

On behalf of the SIGCIS Executive: Given the challenges of the pandemic and SIGCIS far flung membership, we decided to run a virtual SIG conference this year (as well as our usual SIG lunch at SHOT). We are aware that many SHOT committee members are SIGCIS people, but not all of you are. So we wanted to reach out to let you know about the conference, and invite you to register if you’re interested.


Please note that this year is an experiment. The meetings team have assembled a really tremendous single stream program, 23 to 25 September 2021, including a “keynote panel”. The conference will run on zoom, with strong encouragement to record sessions to make catch up possible for those whose time zones make live attendance an impossibility. (if you do not want to appear in the recording we advise you to disable your screen function)


The 23-25 September SIGCIS 2021: Online Edition Conference Schedule and link to registration is at: http://meetings.sigcis.org/conference-schedule.html


Hope to see some of you there. Please reach out with any questions!




Melanie & Andy

SIGCIS Co-Chairs