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June 20th, 2022

SHOT ECIG workshop CFP

The ECIG workshop CFP is OUT!

The link to the full CFP is here.

If you fit the CFP, I really encourage you to apply! For older members of our community, if you are going to New Orleans for the conference, we’d really appreciate it if you came and engaged with our presenters in one of the workshop sessions. Also Jason and Bucky (elected reps) would love to get to know people out there more.

Considering our limited resources and hotel-internet-conference politics @ the NOLA location, ECIG made the choice to go in-person only for the workshop.

We may be able to have a remote audience. But we also want to attend to accessibility and also possibly expand our approach to a diffuse scholarly graduate community, and so we have included a form in the full cfp that gauges interest for a post-conference online workshop for those who can’t make it. It also has a few general questions about what a more robust and accessible presence would look like. Please check it out.

For those interested: SHOT secretariat is looking for engaged student volunteers to assist during the Annual Meeting: for your assistance for at least 2 time blocks (they can include the wednesday preparations, thursday morning set up of registration, assisting at registration/book exhibit/streaming-room/evening events you would receive a free registration and lunch on the day you are scheduled. Please ask Sonja at shot.secretariat@tue.nl for more information!!