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February 6th, 2023

European Research Council funded project CLIMASAT is recruiting 2 postdocs and 1 PhD student

European Research Council funded project CLIMASAT is recruiting 2 postdocs and 1 PhD student

The project CLIMASAT explores the origins of the practices and processes of producing, circulating and using data generated with Earth-orbiting satellites. The goal is to understand, historically informed, how the various ways in which satellite data were collectively negotiated, shared, maintained and used were co-produced with the forms of climate knowledge that we have inherited today.

The project CLIMASAT fosters a family-friendly, inclusive working environment for all, and is committed to ensuring a balanced representation of gender, functional diversity, geographical areas, and minorities.

1-Postdoc 1 (job number: 2022DILEUA141)

2-Postdoc 2 (job number: 2022DILEUA140)

3-PhD student (job number: 2022DILEUA142)


For full details please go here

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