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International Scholar: Ruth Morgan

Ruth Morgan is an environmental historian and historian of science with a particular focus on Australia, the British Empire, and the Indian Ocean. After completing her doctoral studies at The University of Western Australia in Perth, she joined the History Department at Monash University in mid‐2012. Ruth’s first monograph, Running Out? Water in Western Australia, was published in 2015. She is currently contributing to the urban water histories of the Australian cities Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, with a focus upon how state and local governments, as well as residents, have adapted to water scarcity. She is also continuing to explore the concept of ‘hydroresilience’, which she developed in her doctoral research to describe the extent to which Australians are vulnerable to climate variability and water scarcity. An emerging research project explores environmental exchanges between India and Australia from 1788 to 1901 that questions the extent to which colonial Australia was forged as a ‘neo‐Europe’ and challenges the traditional historiographical divide between settler and extractive colonies in environmental history.

See http://profiles.arts.monash.edu.au/ruth‐morgan/