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International Scholar: Vincent Lagendijk

Vincent Lagendijk (1980) is a historian of technology with keen interests in development history, European integration, electricity infrastructures, and international organizations. He has written several publications on the history of the European electricity system and interwar internationalism. His PhD dissertation was published as Electrifying Europe: The Power of Europe in the Construction of Electricity Networks (2008). Currently, Vincent is working on a project entitled Transnationalising the TVA: International River Development in Troubled Waters. This will result in a monograph examining the transnational dimensions of the exploitation of international rivers, as inspired by the American Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA, 1933). An important element is the international organisation-dimension, and the book zooms in on the role of United Nations’ organisations, the COMECON, and World Bank. Vincent works as an assistant professor at the History Department of Maastricht University, the Netherlands.

See http://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/web/Profile/vincent.lagendijk.htm