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Controversial Figures

James Inglis (University of St Andrews): Typewriters and female entrepreneurs in Scotland, 1880s to 1920s

Ritaja Mukherjee (Jadavpur University): Adventures of Tintin: Colonial use of technology on Environment and Culture


Technologies of Survival: Exploration and Warfare in Extreme Environments

James Esposito (The Ohio State University): Engineering a Human Torpedo: Admiralty Experimental Diving Unit High Pressure Oxygen Research at the Siebe‐Gorman Company 1942‐1945

Caitlin Fendley (Purdue University): First Contact: The Apollo 11 Astronauts as Explorers, Field Workers, and Test Subjects

Matthew Wiseman (Western University): Defence Research Medical Laboratories: Operational Stress and Military Experiments in Cold War Toronto

Vanessa Heggie (University of Birmingham): Everyday Technologies of Survival: Belonging and Innovation in the Anthropocene

Earth Orbiting Satellites and the Making of Environment

Gemma Cirac‐Claveras (Universitat Pompeu Fabra): Satellite remote sensing in France: From natural resources to the global environment.

Johan Gärdebo (KTH Royal Institute of Technology): Sustaining the Digital Baltic Sea: Swedish Satellite Remote Sensing and Databases for the Baltic States in the post‐Cold War era

James Schwoch (Northwestern University): Earth‐Orbiting Satellites and the Making of the Environment: Radio Spectrum Auctions, Earth‐Exploration Satellite Service, and 24GHz