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Events and grantees sponsored in 2017

SHOT established the Small Grants in April 2017 to support events relevant to SHOT’s mission, and has awarded 5 workshops and conferences in 2017. They include,

·      Scott Knowles’s “Anthropocene Campus Philadelphia.”

·      Natalia Nikiforova’s conference “Contours of The Future: Technology and Innovation in Cultural Context” conference (in Russia). Stay tuned for an upcoming Technology’s Stories!

·      Nurcin Ileri’s workshop “Experiences of Technology in Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Territories at the Turn of the 20th Century” (in Turkey). Stay tuned for an upcoming Technology’s Stories!

·      Joseph Klett’s workshop series “Seeing like a Valley” (in California). Stay tuned for a panel presentation in the SHOT annual meeting in 2020!

·      Ruth Oldenziel and Frank Schipper’s workshop “Sustainable Urban Mobility” (in the Netherlands). Stay tuned for an upcoming Technology’s Stories and a presentation in SHOT’s future meetings!

Please kindly note that the Committee has been renamed as the International Small Grants Committee in October 2017. In addition to promoting the Society’s mission, the grants aim at globalizing the Society’s intellectual terrain as well as broadening its international membership. For questions, please feel free to contact any of the Committee members or SHOT Secretary.