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December 21st, 2012

Preconference Workshop

Preconference Workshop on Engineering Studies

2 November 2011, Cleveland State University
The International Network for Engineering Studies (INES) and the SHOT special interest group, the Prometheans, will hold a one-day workshop on engineering studies and the history of engineering with the theme, “My Current Work and Its Possible Implications.” The workshop is hosted by Peter Meiksins, Professor of Sociology at Cleveland State. 2 November is the day before the joint HSS/SHOT/4S meetings begin. Thanks to sponsorship by Taylor & Francis/Routledge, publishers of Engineering Studies: Journal of the International Network for Engineering Studies, the meeting is free to members of INES and the Prometheans who pre-register.
The workshop’s purpose is to bring researchers in engineering studies and history of engineering together in concise, fast-moving, wide-ranging, and hopefully entertaining discussions of the contents of current research and its possible implications for different audiences inside and outside scholarly arenas. The workshop’s more general goals include deepening scholarly connections among researchers; attracting more researchers to engineering studies and history of engineering; heightening the visibility of this research across the memberships of HSS, SHOT, and 4S; and increasing the extent to which this research makes a difference beyond scholarly arenas. For more information, please email Atsushi Akera.

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