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Committee on Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (REDI)

SHOT’s REDI committee was created in 2021 in order to coordinate the society’s efforts to address systemic and epistemic racism in the history of technology, and to address matters of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility more generally. Its regular yearly activities include:

To succeed, this endeavor requires considerable labor, as well as material support. Please consider contributing to our work by donating here! If you’re interested in volunteering for the committee, please write [email protected].

REDI’s work so far

We welcome comments and suggestions from the SHOT community as we continue to develop this initiative. Please address these directly to [email protected].

REDI Committee 2024

Gabrielle Hecht (REDI chair & SHOT President)
Charnell Chasten Long
Kelcey Gibbons
Jason Ludwig
Sonja Schmid