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Benefits of SHOT Membership

Membership in the Society for the History of Technology connects you to some fifteen hundred like-minded individuals in thirty-five countries, professionals and academics who range across dozens of fields and disciplines.

Members receive:

Two views of a 16th century astrolabe

Two views of a 16th century astrolabe

Plus, your membership supports the broader intellectual and social mission of the society:

For more information, please contact the SHOT Secretary’s office at [email protected]

Individual Memberships

Automobile calendar for 1906

Automobile calendar for 1906

Individual subscription/membership rates 2024:

For those members who want to support SHOT additionally to the standard membership rate SHOT created two new categories:

You may join SHOT as an individual member or renew your membership online.

If you prefer to join or renew by telephone or mail, please contact the Johns Hopkins University Press Journals Division, 410.516.6987 (or toll-free 800.548.1784 within the U.S.), [email protected].

Please direct queries and claims concerning address changes, subscription/membership payments, or missing issues to Johns Hopkins University Press Journals Division, as per above.

Institutional Subscriptions to Technology & Culture

Three options for institutional subscriptions to Technology and Culture are available:

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Effective January 2, 2024, JHUP will be required to begin collecting and remitting sales tax, GST (goods & services tax) and HST (harmonized sales tax in Canada) on all taxable sales that we process on SHOT’s behalf. The impact on our members will vary and depend on factors such as a member’s address and the goods and services that are available to them. For instance, memberships are taxed as are print subscriptions unless the journal is published quarterly. Electronic products are not taxed as widely as non-quarterly print subscriptions but will be in some jurisdictions such as Maryland. These rules are currently in place for 45 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. The taxing jurisdictions in these areas consider the sales our responsibility. The five remaining states (Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon) do not currently tax the sale of goods or services.

As noted above, starting in 2024 our members may see taxes applied on items sold through JHUP that were not previously taxed. In those cases,JHUP will be paying and reporting collected taxes directly to the respective taxing authority. The state taxing authorities are requiring us to perform these services on SHOT’s behalf. Please be aware that the rules for collecting and remitting taxes can change and SHOT (as well as JHUP) will be responsible for adapting to such changes.