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Officers and Committees

Officers John Krige, President (2017-2018) [email protected]
Richard Hirsh, Treasurer (2017) [email protected]
Jan Korsten, Secretary (2017) [email protected]
Tom Misa, Vice President (2017-2018) [email protected]
Suzanne Moon, Editor, Technology & Culture [email protected]
Executive Council Francesca Bray, Past President (2017-2018) [email protected]
Elizabeth Bruton (2017-2019) [email protected]
Mats Fridlund (2015–2017) [email protected]
Sabine Höhler (2016-2018) [email protected]
Scott Knowles (2015–2017) [email protected]
Eda Kranakis (2015–2017) [email protected]
Stuart W. Leslie (2016-2018) [email protected]
Mara Mills (2016-2018) [email protected]
Erik Rau (2017-2019) [email protected]
Honghong Tinn (2017-2019) [email protected]
Lee Vinsel (2017-2019) [email protected]
Editorial Committee Peter Norton, Chair (2016–2020) [email protected]
Janet Abbate (2014-2018) [email protected]
Joyce Bedi (2015-2019) [email protected]
Christopher Jones (2017-2021) [email protected]
Sarah Lowengard (2013-2017) [email protected]
Suzanne Moon (ex officio) [email protected]
Nominating Committee Francesca Bray (ex officio) [email protected]
Hyungsub Choi (2015–2017) [email protected]
Dolly Jørgensen (2016–2018) [email protected]
Jan Korsten (ex officio) [email protected]
Andrew Russell, Chair (2016–2018) [email protected]
Finance Committee Ross Bassett (2017-2019)[email protected]
Richard Hirsh (ex officio) [email protected]
Paul Israel (2015–2017) [email protected]
Rachel Maines (2016–2018), Chair [email protected]
Program Committee Karin Zachmann, Chair (2016–2018) [email protected]
Ling-Fei Lin (2017-2019) [email protected]
William Storey (2015-2017) [email protected]
Sites Committee Per Lundin, Chair (2015–2018) [email protected]
Layne Karafantis (2017-2020) [email protected]
Aleksandra Kobiljski (2016-19) [email protected]
Jan Korsten (ex officio) [email protected]
Jeff Schramm (2014–2017) [email protected]
Travel Grant Committee Tae-Ho Kim, Chair (2016–2018) [email protected]
Richard Hirsh (ex officio) [email protected]
Petri Paju (2015–2017) [email protected]
Zhang Zhihui (2017–2019) [email protected]
International Outreach Committee Jenny L. Smith, Chair (2016-2018) [email protected]
Keith Breckenridge (2015–2017) [email protected]
Yao Dazhi (2016-2018) [email protected]
Philipp Lehmann (2016-2018) [email protected]
Clapperton Mavhunga (2017–2019) [email protected]
Dagmar Schaefer (2015–2017) [email protected]

For more information, please contact the SHOT Secretary’s office at [email protected].