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Officers and Committees

February 19, 2019:

SHOT is updating the security of the website in order to protect the e-mail addresses listed on this website from so called harvesting bots. As a first step we removed the direct links to the e-mail addresses and we changed the way they are published by replacing @ by <at> and . by <dot>. We realize this is less user friendly, but until a final solution has been implemented we hope to prevent problems with false spam mailings. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Officers Tom Misa, President (2019-2020) tmisa<at>umn<dot>edu
Amy Bix, Treasurer (2019-2020) abix<at>iastate<dot>edu
Jan Korsten, Secretary (2017-2019) j.w.a.korsten<at>tue<dot>nl
Arwen Mohun, Vice President (2019-2020) mohun<at>udel<dot>edu
Suzanne Moon, Editor, Technology & Culture suzannemoon<at>techculture<dot>org
Executive Council Anna Åberg (2019-2021) anna.aberg<at>chalmers<dot>se
Elizabeth Bruton (2017-2019) elizabeth.bruton<at>gmail<dot>com
Alice Clifton, Graduate Student Representative (2019-2020) alice.clifton<at>gmail<dot>com
Marie Hicks (2018-2020) mhicks1<at>iit<dot>edu
Edward Jones-Imhotep (2019-2021) imhotep<at>yorku<dot>ca
John Krige, Past President (2019-2020) john.krige<at>hts.gatech<dot>edu
Nina Lerman (2018-2020) lermanne<at>whitman<dot>edu
Eden Medina (2019-2021) eden<at>mit<dot>edu
Patrick McCray (2018-2020) pmccray<at>history.ucsb<dot>edu
Erik Rau (2017-2019) erau<at>hagley<dot>org
Honghong Tinn (2017-2019) htinn<at>umn<dot>edu
Lee Vinsel (2017-2019) lee.vinsel<at>gmail<dot>com
Editorial Committee Christopher Jones (2017-2021) Christopher.Jones.5<at>asu<dot>edu
Joyce Bedi (2015-2019) bedij<at>si<dot>edu
Martin Collins (2018-2022) collinsm<at>si<dot>edu
Prakash Kumar (2019-2023) puk15<at>psu<dot>edu
Peter Norton (2016–2020) pdn2p<at>virginia<dot>edu
Suzanne Moon (ex officio) suzannemoon<at>techculture<dot>org
Nominating Committee Dolly Jørgensen (2017–2019) dolly<at>jorgensenweb<dot>net
Ben Gross (2019–2021) grossb<at>lindahall<dot>org
Nina Wormbs, Chair (2018-2020) nina.wormbs<at>abe.kth<dot>se
Jan Korsten (ex officio) j.w.a.korsten<at>tue<dot>nl
John Krige (ex officio) john.krige<at>hts.gatech<dot>edu
Finance Committee Ross Bassett (2017-2019) ross<at>ncsu<dot>edu
Richard Hirsh, Chair (2019-2021) richards<at>vt<dot>edu
Amy Bix (ex officio) abix<at>iastate<dot>edu
Program Committee Cyrus Mody, Chair (2018-2020) c.mody<at>maastrichtuniversity<dot>nl
Yulia Frumer (2019–2021) yfrumer<at>jhu<dot>edu
Ling-Fei Lin (2017-2019) lingfeilin<at>fas.harvard<dot>edu
Sites Committee Aleksandra Kobiljski, Chair (2016-2019) amkaero<at>gmail<dot>com
Jonathan Coopersmith (2018-2020) j-coopersmith<at>tamu<dot>edu
Layne Karafantis (2017-2020) layne.karafantis<at>gmail<dot>com
Jeff Schramm (2019-2022) schrammj<at>mst<dot>edu
Jan Korsten (ex officio) j.w.a.korsten<at>tue<dot>nl
Travel Grant Committee Paul Josephson, Chair (2018-2020) prjoseph<at>colby<dot>edu
John Krige (2019-2021) john.krige<at>hts.gatech<dot>edu
Zhang Zhihui (2017–2019) zhangzhh<at>ihns.ac<dot>cn
Amy Bix (ex officio) abix<at>iastate<dot>edu
International Outreach Committee Yao Dazhi, Chair (2019-2021) yaodz<at>ihns.ac<dot>.cn
Tae-Ho Kim (2018-2020) taeho.kim.75<at>gmail<dot>com
Clapperton Mavhunga (2017–2019) mavhunga<at>mit<dot>edu
Honghong Tinn (2019-2020) tinnho<at>earlham<dot>edu


For more information, please contact the SHOT Secretary’s office at SHOT.Secretariaat<at>tue<dot>nl.