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January 3rd, 2013

Pittsburgh Plenary

Opening Plenary

The speaker at this year’s plenary session is 2006 Sally Hacker Prize winner and Senior Writer for the American Scientist Brian Hayes. He will speaking on "Industrial America Seen Through a Chain-Link Fence." In describing the subject he notes:
"When I was a small boy, I spent much of one summer peering through the fence surrounding an electrical substation in my neighborhood, and making up stories about what was going on inside. Fifty years later, not much has changed: The substation is still there; the equipment looks much as it did in 1959; I still have my nose against the fence, and I’m still trying to understand what I’m seeing. On the other hand, perhaps there have been some changes after all: Attitudes on opposite sides of the fence have shifted and hardened, as the public has grown wary of technology and the proprietors of many industrial sites have become wary of the public. One goal of my work has been to get people talking across that fence…."

Please join us to hear Brian at SHOT’s annual meeting in Pittsburgh.

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