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November 28th, 2017

Results SHOT-Elections 2017

This year’s ballot included candidates for the Executive Council, the Editorial Committee and the Nominating Committee. The Executive Council is SHOT’s governing board and works with the Society’s officers to plan and set policy. The Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting individuals to run for office and preparing the slate of candidates for each year’s election. The Editorial Committee works with the editor of Technology and Culture in addressing questions relating to the operation of the journal. Members of the Executive Council and the Nominating Committee serve for three years, while the members of the Editorial Committee serve for five years.

Voting was possible during the SHOT Annual Meeting in Philadelphia and by (e-)mail, mail and online until November 20, 2017. The results of the SHOT-Elections 2017 are:

Executive Council (3 members)

Marie Hicks, Nina Lerman and Patrick McCray are the new members of the Executive Council. 

Editorial Committee (1 member)

Martin Collins is the new member of the Editorial Board.

Nominating Committee (1 member)

Nina Wormbs is the new member of the Nominating Committee.

I congratulate the new Council and Committee members and I thank the candidates that were not elected for their willingness to take part in the SHOT-elections 2017. I also want to thank all members that voted!

Jan Korsten, SHOT Secretary

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