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How to apply

The Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) considers proposals from external individuals and organizations to endorse events that globalize SHOT’s intellectual terrain as well as broaden its international membership. SHOT’s mission is to advance the historical study of technology and its relations with politics, economics, labor, business, the environment, public policy, science, and the arts. The International Small Grants are part of SHOT’s Global Community Program aims to foster a stronger international community for the study of the history of technology.

We welcome proposals that engage with international and transnational topics of technology, as well as those who promote the growth of an international network of scholars in the history of technology. SHOT will consider unfunded endorsements as well as proposals for funded endorsements no greater than $3000.

To be considered, a proposal must:

• Justify SHOT’s endorsement
• Be sponsored by at least one person who is a member of SHOT, if the applicant is not a SHOT member
• Include a concise narrative that describes the event including dates and location, participants and other endorsing entities
• Provide a fully developed budget narrative (if requesting funds) and indicate why SHOT’s support is important, noting what other entities, if any, are also supporting the event or being solicited for financial support
• Submit a one-page report following the activity to the SHOT Executive Council and additionally commit to one or more of the following:

1) submitting a publishable manuscript to Technology’s Stories
2) displaying a poster exhibit at the SHOT annual meeting following the event
3) submitting a publishable report for the SHOT website
4) proposing a panel to a forthcoming SHOT Annual Meeting

In addition, awardees must acknowledge SHOT by including SHOT’s logo on the program along with the logos of other funding bodies as well as a textual mention.

The deadline for submitting proposals for funded endorsements in 2019 was March 15, the 2021 deadline has not been announced at this time.

SHOT international Grants are part of, and under the administration of, the Internationalization Committee.

Applications for non-funded SHOT endorsements will be considered all year round, independent of the specific deadlines. To prepare your proposal, please see the guidelines below.



Name of event:
Name of SHOT member sponsor, if the applicant is not a SHOT
Amount of request (if applicable):

1) Please describe in no more than two double-spaced pages the event or activity for which you are requesting endorsement. Include how this activity advances SHOT’s mission, and justify its international relevance.
2) If applicable, please describe the budget and how SHOT funds will be used (no more than one page) and indicate other funding sources
3) Please indicate who will submit the final report and by what date and how information about your event or activity will be shared with the Society.
4) Please attach a C.V. of the applicant(s).