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11-14 OCTOBER 2018

St. Louis, Missouri (USA)


(Photo by Daniel Schwen, 27 January 2008)

July 16, 2018

SHOT St. Louis Program

The preliminary conference program is available here (version July 25). The program will be updated regularly over the next weeks, so please make sure to revisit this page regularly.

SHOT St. Louis Conference Registration

You can now register for the SHOT 2018 Annual Meeting. The link below will direct you to the online registration form. Please note that payment is handled via PayPal. In case you pay by credit card you don’t need to have a PayPal account yourself in order to be able to pay.

Go to the online registration form

SHOT St. Louis Conference Hotel

The main venue of the 2018 annual meeting is St. Louis Union Station Hotel. This National Historic Landmark was once one of the world’s largest and busiest train stations. The station opened in 1894 and was operational until 1978. In the early 1980’s the building was converted into a hotel and a conference center. This beautiful historic complex with its tangible links to a great railroad past is an appropriate location for the SHOT annual meeting.

Rooms – with one king-size or two queen size beds – are available for the SHOT conference fee of  $189 per night (+city tax).

You can book your hotel room in St. Louis Union Station Hotel here.

Graduate student accommodation
SHOT offers shared rooms in St. Louis Union Station Hotel for graduate students. Choosing this option means that you share a double two or three bed room and split the price. SHOT will assign these rooms. To apply for this option please send an e-mail to Sonja Beekers at [email protected]. Please provide the following details: full name, address, mobile phone number, date of arrival, and date of departure. Also indicate whether you want to opt (if available) for a room with 3 beds (and share your room with two other persons instead of 1 other person) and whether you have objections to a mixed room.

SHOT Travel Grants

The Society for the History of Technology awards grants to support travel to its annual meeting, primarily to graduate students, independent scholars, and young professionals just beginning their careers (within 5 years of receiving the Ph.D. degree), as well as to SHOT International Scholars. Eligible members residing outside the US, Canada, and Western Europe are especially encouraged to apply. The application deadline is August 1.

You can find more information on SHOT Travel Grants here.

You can apply for a travel grant by completing the online form.

In case you have problems accessing the online form please contact the SHOT secretariat at [email protected] for a PDF version of the form.

WITH Conference Grants – 2018

The Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) Special Interest Group (SIG) for Women in Technological History (WITH) announces its conference grant for 2018. Designed to defray some costs associated with attending the SHOT Annual Meeting (such as lodging, meals, and other incidental expenses), the grant is open to individuals giving a paper at the 2018 conference in St. Louis. The reviewing committee prioritizes women scholars and feminist scholarship that addresses the presence, actions, activism, and analysis of women and gender in the History of Technology. Graduate students and scholars who are new to SHOT are particularly encouraged to apply. The application deadline for the WITH Conference Grant is August 15th, 2018.

You can download all information on the WITH Conference Grants 2018 here.

EDITH Conference Support Awards – 2018

The Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) Special Interest Group Exploring Diversity in Technology’s History (EDITH) announces its conference grant program for 2018. The EDITH grants are designed to defray costs associated with participating in the SHOT annual meeting, typically lodging, meals, and other incidental expenses.  Eligibility is open to individuals giving a paper at the 2018 SHOT annual meeting in St. Louis. The application deadline is August 15.

You can download all information on the EDITH Conference Support Awards here.

SHOT St. Louis tours

On the online registration form you can register for the following tours. The tours will enable you to discover various aspect of St. Louis and its history. Tour prices are listed in the online registration form.

Thurday Afternoon
Big Beer! Anheuser-Busch Brewmaster Tour:
For many people, St. Louis is synonymous with beer. This tour offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at the technologically-fascinating brewing, packaging, and distribution processes in the massive Anheuser-Busch St. Louis brewing complex, with origins dating back to 1852.  This St. Louis Beermaster Tour will take you through the Budweiser Clydesdale Paddock and Stables, the historic Brew House, Lager Cellar, Packaging Facility, and Finishing Cellar, with a free sample directly from a Finishing Tank for those 21+. As a special SHOT bonus, the tour will be accompanied by a working Anheuser-Busch Engineer.
Please Note: Flat, closed-toe shoes are required for all guests for your safety. Guests under 13 are not permitted to join this tour.

Friday Morning. 9:00-11:30 AM
Missouri Botanical Garden:
Founded in 1859, the 79-acre Missouri Botanical Garden is the nation’s oldest botanical garden in continuous operation. Today, the Garden is a National Historic Landmark and a internationally-renowned center for botanical research, horticultural display, conservation, and science education. An oasis in the city of St. Louis, the landmark includes a 14-acre Japanese garden, the largest in North America. The garden’s Climatron, built in 1960, was the first conservatory built in a geodesic dome, and has been named one of the top-100 US architectural achievements. The Climatron features over 1,400 different tropical species, exotic fish, and a bridge to view the rain-forest canopy. SHOT member David Munns, author of Engineering the Environment: Phytotrons and the Quest for Climate Control in the Cold War, will offer a special tour through the Climatron dome, discussing its technological, architectural, and historic significance. The visit also offers ample time for exploring the garden on your own.

Friday Lunchtime
St. Louis Historic Architecture Walking Tour:
This small personalized walking tour gives you an up-close view of the important technologies, architecture, and historical importance of the St. Louis built environment. The Gateway Arch, the ultimate St. Louis image and the world’s tallest arch, was designed in 1947 by Eero Saarinen and features a newly-renovated park area and museum. The 1890 Wainwright Building, designed by Louis Sullivan, is one of the world’s first skyscrapers and  has been named one of “Ten Buildings That Changed America.” Other downtown landmarks include the Cass Gilbert-designed public library, the Renaissance-revival city hall, Busch Stadium,and the old court house, site of the Dred Scott decision. The tour provides an excellent look at St. Louis’s significant role in American transportation history, with two National Historic Landmarks: the 1874 Eads Bridge (the world’s first steel-truss bridge) and spectacular Union Station, once the world’s biggest and busiest, handling 100,000 passengers per day in the 1940s.  The tour also covers St. Louis’s twenty-first-century changes, including new skyscrapers and the central urban park and sculpture garden. The tour will offer an excellent look at how St. Louis structures shaped and were shaped by the city and its people.

Friday Evening, 6:00-9:00 PM
Little Beer! Earthbound Brewing Tour and dinner:
For many people, St. Louis is synonymous with beer. This is a special SHOT tour of small craft brewer Earthbound Brewing, spearheading the city’s craft-beer renaissance. The tour will highlight the technology, art, and evolution of small-batch creative brewing, . Earthbound’s brewery is located in a 150-year-old repurposed building, with barrel-vaulted ceilings, a beer garden, and connections to a neighborhood network of underground caves. This building is one of just a handful of buildings remaining from influential St. Louis architects Jungenfeld & Co, who designed each brewery in a special style; renovation allows today’s visitors to view the unique construction of post-Civil War lagering cellars. Earthbound offers an amazing range of beer choices (plus wine, tea, and custom sodas), with sustainable barbeque and other food options; the tour includes time for you to have beer and dinner at Earthbound on your own.
Please Note: Flat, closed-toe shoes are required for all guests for your safety. Tour includes stairs and is not fully accessible.

Saturday Afternoon
Cahokia Mounds:
A UNESCO world heritage site, Cahokia is the largest pre-Columbian settlement in North America north of Mexico. The over-six square mile city (1550 ha) housed almost 40,000 people at its peak and was occupied between 800 and 1400 CE by the Native-American Mississippian culture. The park covers 2,200 acres (890 ha), or about 3.5 square miles (9 km2), and contains about 80 mounds, including the 100-foot tall (30 m) Monks Mound, the biggest pyramid north of Mesoamerica and the single biggest Pre-Columbian earthwork. Other features include the Woodhenge, burial and sacrificial sites, and the remains of a copper workshop, plazas, terraces, palisades, urban planning, and astronomical alignments. This tour will offer ample time to visit the museum and outdoor mounds. On the day of our visit, the Chickasaw Nation will be hosting a fall festival at the grounds, featuring traditional drumming, flute music, and stomp dancing, art, storytelling, stickball games and social games.


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