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11-14 OCTOBER 2018

St. Louis, Missouri (USA)


(Photo by Daniel Schwen, 27 January 2008)

March 14, 2018

Flashtalk session for graduate students in the history and sociology of science and of technology

This is a special session developed by the two society presidents, John Krige (SHOT president 2017-2018) and Janet Browne (HSS president 2016-2017) to showcase graduate student work and facilitate lively feedback.  Each speaker is allocated 5 minutes and one PowerPoint slide, followed by ample time afterwards for discussion. Speakers accepted for a flash-talk paper are free to have another paper on the program.

Please submit your title, brief abstract and affiliation to John and Janet, not to the program committee

Emails: [email protected][email protected]

Please note that you must register for the SHOT Annual Meeting to participate.

February 1, 2018 – Updated April 11, 2018

SHOT Annual Meeting St. Louis: Call for Proposals

Dear Colleagues,

The SHOT Program Committee is pleased to issue the Call for Papers and Sessions for the SHOT 2018 Annual Meeting to be held 10-14 October, 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri, US.

SHOT is an interdisciplinary and international organization concerned not only with the history of technological devices and processes but also with technology in history and society. We explore the production, circulation, appropriation, maintenance and abandonment of technology under specific historical circumstances. And we scrutinize the epistemic, economic, social, cultural and political conditions of this development. Our approaches are informed by a broad concept of technology encompassing knowledge resources, practices, artifacts and biofacts (artifacts in the realm of the living). Accordingly, the Committee invites paper and session proposals on any topic in a broadly defined history of technology, including topics that push the boundaries of the discipline.

SHOT is committed to a policy of diversity. In addition to intellectual quality, we warmly welcome proposals that reflect diversity in their line-up of speakers, in particular with regard to career level, gender, and geography. The Program Committee will prioritize proposals that make a conscious effort to increase diversity by fulfilling these criteria: for example, proposals that include at least one female speaker, and speakers at different stages of their professional careers, with different institutional affiliations and/or different nationalities.

To pay tribute to the venue of the 2018 annual meeting –St. Louis, the Gateway to the West– we want to encourage proposals that engage topics related to a broadly-interpreted theme of “Gateways: Passages, Openings, and Enclosures in the History of Technology.”

St. Louis is uniquely situated in the United States, both geographically and historically. Known as “the Gateway to the West,” St. Louis played key roles in the Louisiana Purchase and westward expansion. St. Louis remained a major transport and manufacturing center, where a rich agricultural hinterland, transformed by modern monoculture, connects with transportation links from river to road, rail, and air.  This multi-dimensional story makes St. Louis a natural focus for scholarly analysis of the many ways technology impacts, and is impacted by, place, space, and culture. The pre-industrial, industrial, and postindustrial history of the region, from Native American Cahokia mounds to the African-American experience in suburban Ferguson, also suggests topics further analyzing technology, power, and democracy, race, gender, and ethnicity.

SHOT and The Program Committee look forward to a vigorous, enthusiastic, and intellectually stimulating annual meeting in St. Louis!

You can download the Call for Proposals here. (Please note that the extended deadline of April 10, 2018 has expired.)