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Preparing and submitting an unconventional session proposal

Society for the History of Technology (SHOT)
Annual Meeting – Long Beach (California)
25-29 October 2023

Unconventional sessions

SHOT actively encourages unconventional sessions. In addition to formats as work-in-progress sessions, roundtables, flash-talks, unconference sessions, and interactive workshops, we will consider other known and unknown session formats including but not limited to Pecha-Kucha, syllabus sharing, video screening and discussion, and author-meets-critic sessions (for recently published books), as well as sessions and workshops held outside of normal conference hours. Sessions typically run 90 minutes. If you are unsure about the acceptability of an unconventional session format or require specific resources, please feel free to reach out directly to the members of the program committee.

All session proposals must include:

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

SHOT seeks to expand our membership base and to extend the scope of those who participate in our annual meeting. As such, those assembling organized sessions, whether based on a traditional or open session proposal, are encouraged to take a proactive stance in including individuals such as:

Those organizing session proposals are asked to submit a brief statement that describes the composition of their panel in a way that addresses such approaches to inclusion and the efforts that were made to create an inclusive environment for historical scholarship.

Special interest group (SIG) meetings

SHOT operates with organized special interest groups (SIGs). We  encourage all new presenters to reach out to relevant special interest groups to explore additional opportunities for presenting their work and connecting with those with similar interests during the annual meeting.

Each SIG may also advance one traditional session and one unconventional session as “SIG sponsored sessions” for special consideration by the program committee. (Please indicate that this is the case in the session description.)

It is not possible to submit proposals anymore.