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December 21st, 2012


SHOT 2012
Travel Information
Here is some advice on travelling to and around Copenhagen. At the bottom of this page you may view an interactive Google map of the metropolitan area, including the ability to view the city using Google Earth.
Flights to Copenhagen
As a major air hub for Scandinavia and northern Europe, Copenhagen (CPH) is a convenient travel destination. Scandinavian Airlines and other carriers offer nonstop flights to Copenhagen from Newark, Washington Dulles, and Chicago, as well as many cities in Europe. As always, shop around for the best flight deals and book early! Get airport information here.
The Metro into and around Copenhagen
Ten years ago, Copenhagen built a Metro line connecting CBS to Copenhagen Airport (Lufthavnen). It will bring you from the Airport to CBS in 25 minutes and it departs every 4-8 minutes. After collecting your bag, you pass customs and continue straight ahead until you reach an escalator which brings you up to the Metro platform.
All Copenhagen public transportation uses a single zone-based ticket system which allows you to travel in an area on any combination of Metro, rail, and bus. You need one 3-zone ticket (or two 2-zone tickets) to get from the Airport to the town center, the hotels, and CBS. If you do not take the metro from the airport, but plan on using public transportation between your hotel and the conference venue, you will need one 2-zone ticket to get between any of the stations serving the town center, the hotels, and CBS. You can acquire a ticket at a vending machine on the Metro platform at the airport or at any other station. These machines accept Visa or Master Card. Begin by selecting the “UK” button at the bottom of the screen for English.
Next choose either “ticket” or “card;” a ticket is good for a single trip while a card holds 10 single trips and has a discount of least 40%. If you plan on using the metro between one of the hotels and the conference venue, it may be a good idea to buy a 2-zone card when you arrive at the airport. Note: your card will need to be validated for the airport and hotel zones before entering the train, and then a second time for the zones of your hotel and CBS.
The metro passes the town center at Kongens Nytorv station and N�rreport station. The hotels are located a few blocks from the following stations:

N�rreport station (Ibsens hotel)
Forum station (CabInn)
Frederiksberg (Radisson)

Three stations serve CBS: Frederiksberg station (Solbjerg Plads building), Fasanvej station (Kilen building) and Lindevang (Dalgas Have building). Get information about the Metro here.
A Note about Danish Currency
Denmark does not use the Euro but rather its own currency, the Danish krone (DKK).� As of 7 July 2012, $1 equals 5.94 DKK.� All fees for the meeting will be collected in US dollars.
What to Expect from the Weather
The following figures are average for 1960-1990. �Average high 12.1�C (53.8�F); daily mean 9.5�C (49.1�F); average low 6.7�C (44.1�F).
You can explore Copenhagen using this interactive map.
Click on the “Earth” button to see another unique view of the city.

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