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Joint ICOHTEC-SHOT 2024 Annual Meeting
Viña del Mar (Chile), 9-14 July 2024

The technological environments we inhabit require continual repair and maintenance in order to function. Yet the people on whom such repairs rely—along with their knowledge and labor—too often remain unseen and undervalued, becoming visible only in cases of infrastructural breakdown or spectacular disaster. The routine invisibility of repair facilitates grand proclamations of technological solutionism, distracting from the requirements for living equitably in an increasingly fragmented and fragile world. How, then, does our understanding of the history of technology change when we center repair and maintenance? We will explore this and related questions at the first joint meeting between ICOHTEC and SHOT in three decades.


Conference information

(The Spanish version of the conference information will be available early May)


It is now possible to register for the ICOHTEC-SHOT 2024 meeting.

More information and a link to the online registration system can be found here.

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SHOT Book exhibit 2024

SHOT Cooperative Book Exhibit and Silent Book Auction in Chile

Since some publishers will be unable to attend our meeting in Chile, SHOT is organizing a cooperative book exhibit, inviting our members to showcase your exciting scholarship. If you are coming to Chile, you are welcome to bring one copy of your recent book(s), and we will have tables where you can set them out for browsing. If you are not coming to Chile but wish to have a book on display, please feel free to send a copy with a friend who will be attending. Please note that SHOT has a reasonably secure display space but cannot guarantee the security or return of books placed on exhibit tables.

If you would like to donate your book(s) for this silent auction, many thanks! Please just bring your book(s) with you to the SHOT Staff, near the registration when you arrive, and we will take care of the rest!

Our Secretariat would love to receive a mail from you, what book you are taking with you for the book table, and whether you want to donate it (to be able to prepare). If you do bring a book and do not want to donate it: we will have a second table separate, specifically for these. But do please add a sticker (or ask us to do so) with “this book is not available for the auction but will be returned to the owner!”, or similar.

Please also provide details on where the book can be ordered and we will display that on or near the table!

many thanks!

Amy Bix

Traveling to Chile

Hotel and alternative accommodations

Conference program

The preliminary program for the joint ICOHTEC-SHOT Conference in Viña del Mar (Chile) will be updated every 2 weeks.

The Program Committee created an exiting, broad and diverse program. We are grateful for the work, devotion and enthusiasm of the committee members – Diana Montaño (Chair),  Magdalena Zdrodowska (Associate Chair), Bess Williamson, Itty Abraham, Leticia Galluzzi , José Ragas, and Verónica Ramírez Errázuriz.


Please note:


Congreso conjunto de SHOT y ICOHTEC
9-14 julio del 2024 en Viña del Mar, Chile

Los entornos tecnológicos que habitamos dependen del trabajo constante de mantenimiento y reparación para su funcionamiento. Sin embargo, las personas que realizan dichas reparaciones–junto con sus conocimientos y su trabajo–comúnmente pasan desapercibidas e infravaloradas, haciéndose visibles sólo cuando una infraestructura se avería o en caso de una catástrofe espectacular. La invisibilidad rutinaria de la reparación facilita las grandes proclamas de solucionismo tecnológico, distrayendonos de los requisitos para vivir equitativamente en un mundo cada vez más fragmentado y frágil. ¿Cómo cambia entonces nuestra comprensión de la historia de la tecnología cuando centramos la reparación y el mantenimiento?Exploramos esta y otras cuestiones relacionadas en la primera reunión conjunta entre SHOT e ICOHTEC en tres décadas.

Esta conferencia bilingüe tendrá lugar en Viña del Mar, Chile, del 9 al 14 de julio de 2024.