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October 31st, 2013

Note from the SHOT President

Note from the SHOT President

I wish to express my thanks to all of the people who helped make the annual meeting in Portland such an interesting event. I and the officers are delighted that so many of you found the roundtable discussions and the two plenaries valuable and stimulating. I am especially grateful to those presenters who took up the charge of getting everyone thinking and talking about where our discipline has opportunities to extend and broaden our conversations with other fields of study and disciplines. I am seeking to retain the sense of vibrancy that animated many of your comments and suggestions, which should extend to the question of how SHOT can serve to facilitate such efforts and support appropriate interventions that serve the membership.

To sustain the conversations launched in Portland, I especially invite those of you who could not attend to weigh in with your ideas and suggestions along those two lines of discussion. I urge continued posts about the specific topics discussed in the panels, most of which focused on topics of special interest to historians of technology. But I also invite comments and posts about the more specific topic of SHOT’s efforts to serve it members — a discussion that began at the final plenary and which will be the topic of the Executive Council’s discussions in the months ahead. All of the feedback is going to help us chart paths that serve the society and its members.

Again, my thanks for all who helped make the meeting a good one — please help us maintain the energy that was so apparent in Portland!

Bruce Seely
President, Society for the History of Technology

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