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April 23rd, 2020

Technology & Culture and Project Muse

Until 31 May 2020, JHUP has made the entire run of T&C freely available. But such “free” access has a downside. Whenever anyone accesses T&C through the normal channels of Project Muse, SHOT gets a small amount of revenue, which adds up to a very useful boost for our annual budget. The temporary “free” access doesn’t pay SHOT anything. Accordingly, you (and your colleagues and your students) can give SHOT a lift at no cost to yourself, by continuing to access T&C through Project MUSE via the website of your university library. Only usage from institutions that have a Project Muse subscription are taken into account for computing SHOT revenues. Please help SHOT by continuing to use those institutional access points.

Members can also access T&C via Project Muse even after the “free” period through the SHOT website: see ‘member login’ area.

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