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June 7th, 2022

The Journal of Transport History recently published Volume 43 (includes a number of articles by SHOT members!!)

The Journal of Transport History recently published Volume 43, number 1, June, 2022–a Special Issue on the history of high speed ground transport in the U.S., c.1945 to 1982 . It includes a number of articles by SHOT members, and of interest to SHOT colleagues, especially two by Al Churella and David Reinecke, on the political and technological history the Metroliner, as well as an article by Jim Cohen on the generally unknown history attempts by the aerospace industry to create a nationwide system high speed intercity, levitated vehicles using technologies such as linear induction motors, which were precursors of magnetic levitation/maglev technology and Elon Musk’s super high speed hyperloop system. The Issue also includes articles by Jonathan Feldman on the Budd Company–the Pennsylvania Railroad’s prime contractor for building the Metroliner–and Jonathan English on the Northeast Corridor Improvement Projects of the 1970s and 80s. 


JTH v43, no1 Table of Contents

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