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May 10th, 2023


Dear SHOT members,

We’ve had reports that spam messages are circulating, appearing to come from SHOT President Gabrielle Hecht. She does not, in fact, require “assistance with SHOT logistical support transfer matter!” Please do not click on any links in these messages. These are going only to SHOT members, but otherwise we have not figured out why or how this is occurring, which makes it difficult to stop. Legitimate messages from her will come either from ghecht@stanford.edu (note that there’s just one t in that address, not 2 as in the spam messages) or president@historyoftechnology.org.

If any SHOT members have expertise in this domain and want to volunteer their time to help figure this out, we’d be endlessly grateful! If that’s you, please write SHOT.secretariat@tue.nl.

Also see our prior warning: https://www.historyoftechnology.org/2023/04/27/warning-about-fraudulent-e-mails/

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