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August 2nd, 2023

reminder of scams, now involving money transfer requests (posted 2 August 2023)

Dear everyone –


Just a reminder of an annoying and potentially dangerous situation out there involving scams – through your connection with SHOT, you might be targeted with fake emails pretending to ask you to immediately make a money transfer on behalf of SHOT, pretending that the president and/or I have asked you to do this for us as an emergency case. Let me be clear – this type of thing will never be real !!!! I cannot think of any situation in which I would need any of you, to initiate any financial transactions on behalf of SHOT! So please be instantly suspicious of any such requests and just delete them.

Sometimes the scammer is good enough to actually fake a message coming from our authentic email addresses, to make it seem more legit – but even then, there are usually clues that this is a fake – and again, we will never, never actually ask you to do anything financial, never ask you to make a wire transfer or otherwise send money on behalf of SHOT!  If you’re ever in doubt, please forward the email to shot secretariaat, rather than taking any other action.  Many thanks, everyone! – sorry we live in such an obnoxious world…..  yours, Amy Bix (SHOT TReasurer)


Dr. Amy Bix, Professor of History, Iowa State University, and Treasurer, Society for the History of Technology

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