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April 26th, 2024

CALL: SHOT Cooperative Book Exhibit and Silent Book Auction in Chile

SHOT Cooperative Book Exhibit and Silent Book Auction in Chile

Since some publishers will be unable to attend our meeting in Chile, SHOT is organizing a cooperative book exhibit, inviting our members to showcase your exciting scholarship. If you are coming to Chile, you are welcome to bring one copy of your recent book(s), and we will have tables where you can set them out for browsing. If you are not coming to Chile but wish to have a book on display, please feel free to send a copy with a friend who will be attending. Please note that SHOT has a reasonably secure display space but cannot guarantee the security or return of books placed on exhibit tables.

If you would like to donate your book(s) for this silent auction, many thanks! Please just bring your book(s) with you to the SHOT Staff, near the registration when you arrive, and we will take care of the rest!

Our Secretariat would love to receive a mail from you, what book you are taking with you for the book table, and whether you want to donate it (to be able to prepare). If you do bring a book and do not want to donate it: we will have a second table separate, specifically for these. But do please add a sticker (or ask us to do so) with “this book is not available for the auction but will be returned to the owner!”, or similar.

Please also provide details on where the book can be ordered and we will display that on or near the table!

many thanks!  yours, Amy


Dr. Amy Bix, Professor of History, Iowa State University, and Treasurer, Society for the History of Technology

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