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International Scholar: Tae-Ho Kim

Tae-Ho Kim is an Assistant Professor of HK Transnational Humanities Project at the Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea. His research interests have covered a variety of topics on the history of science, technology, and medicine in modern Korea, from synthetic fiber industry in the Postwar North Korea (MA thesis, 2001), to rice breeding science and the Green Revolution in South Korea in the era of rapid industrialization (Ph.D. dissertation, 2009), to mobilization of skilled workers through promoting vocational education, and to Korean mechanical typewriter and its legacies to personal computers. His new project at Hanyang University, as a part of a team project on the historical relationship between developmentalist ideology and science, technology, and medicine in modern (South) Korea, is the history of the construction of nutritional science, with case studies on grain (rice) and supplement (vitamin pills).

See https://sites.google.com/site/taehokim75/