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SHOT Annual Meeting 2021

Updated 19 October 2021

Please find the latest update below: HUB funding available

Dear SHOT Members and Conference Participants,

After much discussion and information-gathering, the SHOT officers, Executive Council members, and SHOT local arrangements chair have made a difficult decision. The 2021 meeting, originally scheduled in New Orleans, will be entirely online.

A number of considerations factored into this decision. Most importantly, the resurgence of COVID in New Orleans and surrounding areas renders it impossible to safely offer the kind of in-person conference experience that SHOT members have come to expect. Secondly, many participants who reside outside the United States will not be able to attend even if the U.S. government lifts some travel restrictions. Questions remain about which vaccines will be considered valid. Some travelers will also face strict quarantine requirements when they return home. Many universities and other employers are restricting travel and travel funds. Those who can travel must still confront the problem of scarce and expensive airline tickets. Finally, HSS’s independent decision to move to an online format further lessens the logistical and financial feasibility of meeting in person.

Our thoughts are with the people of New Orleans as they face the challenges of rebuilding. If you would like to help, consider donating to one of these organizations, which locals say are having a wide impact:

If you were looking forward to visiting New Orleans, take heart. Discussions are already underway for an in-person meeting in NOLA in November 2022.

In the meantime, we are excited that the full conference program will be available globally via the internet, if you have registered, either with SHOT or HSS, you will receive a mail through our Cadence platform with your log in option and some more details early November.

For those who have already registered and opted for the in person meeting, your registration will automatically be migrated to the virtual meeting. All further registrations will also automatically be for the virtual meeting.

SHOT will be in touch about any updates as necessary.

Please stay safe. We look forward to seeing you online in November.

Arwen Mohun, Gabrielle Hecht, Jan Korsten, and Amy Bix
SHOT President, President Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer

Program SHOT Annual Meeting 2021

Join us for the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) 18-21 November. This virtual conference will be a joint meeting with the History of Science Society (HSS). You can find the Preliminary Program SHOT Virtual Annual Meeting 2021 (version 22 October 2021) here. Please note that this is a draft version that will be updated regularly in the coming months.

Please note: for the online conference session lengths will be shortened from 90 to 60 minutes.

All acceptance and rejection e-mails have been sent. E-mails concerning joint SHOT-HSS sessions were processed by HSS. In case you haven’t received an e-mail please contact the SHOT Secretariat. Please note that it is possible that the e-mail landed in your spam folder.

Register now

You can register now for the virtual SHOT Annual Meeting.

Go to the online registration form. 

In order to participate in the SHOT Annual Meeting a SHOT membership is required. You can either (re-)join here, or during the registration process for the Annual Meeting.

Registration fees

Several people have contacted the SHOT Secretariat asking why the regular registration fee remains the same even the conference will now be online.  For purposes of transparency, here is an explanation.  The SHOT Secretary and Treasurer do a careful cost projection for each annual meeting.  Their goal is to set the registration fee so that the meeting as a whole will more or less break even financially when SHOT subsidies for the banquet and some other activities are factored in.  Moving the conference to an online format eliminates some expenses, but creates others.  Most significantly, SHOT contracts with a vendor of online platforms so that participants will have a relatively seamless experience.  The SHOT Secretariat also hires wage workers to monitor each of the online “rooms.”  Because the in-person meeting was cancelled relatively close to the conference date, the Society also potentially faces significant cancellation fees.

Which society should I register with?

The 2021 is a joint meeting with HSS. This means that SHOT-participants will have access to HSS sessions, and HSS-participants will have access to SHOT sessions.

In case you are listed on the SHOT-program (as presenter, panelist, chair or commentator) you have to register for the SHOT Annual Meeting. Scholars listed on the HSS-program should register via HSS. In case you are part of one of the joint SHOT-HSS sessions you may register at the society that you prefer. In case you have any questions please contact the SHOT Secretariat.

Travel grants

To support travel to the annual SHOT meeting, participants can apply for SHOT Travel Grant, SHOT-NSF Travel Grants, EDITH Conference Award and the WITH Conference Grants 2021. In general (please check the conditions for the various grants), grants may be used for basic conference registration for the virtual meeting. You can find all information on available travel grants, and links to online application forms here.

Hub Grants available

HSS graciously offered to provide the opportunity to receive modest financial support to provide a “hub” for several attendees in
areas with unreliable personal WiFi access

The proposed hub should nominate one person to fill out the application to serve as contact for that hub.
This person should, prior to filling out the application,

A potential hub proposal might, for example, request WiFi support (to boost the WiFi capabilities of the host site or university for the weekend in which the conference takes place), and funding for food & beverage. Specifying the number of participants and the number of days to cover (max 4; Thursday to Sunday).

Base your application on your group’s specific needs. Receipts and a final budget accounting for costs, with receipts, must be submitted upon the conclusion of the conference.

To apply to host a regional hub, your application must meet the following requirements:

Please note that each attendee MUST register individually for the HSS/SHOT Annual Meeting, also when in this hub! The hub does not bypass individual registration requirements; it merely provides a means for which those with unreliable WiFi at home can join together in person in a regional location, to experience the conference in a small group setting.

NOTE: Awardees (the person hosting the hub) will receive their hub grants before the conference, once they have submitted the appropriate materials below:

AFTER the conference, a revised and updated budget with all receipts (including proof of attendance for participants) will need to be submitted to the HSS Executive Office accounting for the use of all funds.

HSS will accept regional hub proposals until 5 November 2021. Notifications of acceptance will go out on 10 November. If you have any questions or concerns about grants, please email [email protected]


We are looking for graduate students that are willing to join our team of moderators (gratuity available!) for the virtual meeting rooms. We are specifically looking for 2 or 3 “groups” who could use University meeting rooms or another set of rooms with steady internet/WiFi. We would prefer groups of 3-5 persons to gather, so that they will also function as their own back-up. If you are interested, please email Sonja at [email protected]

Call for Proposals

The deadline has passed, it is no longer possible to submit proposals.
Go to the Call for Proposals or download the CfP here SHOT NOLA 2021

Going virtual, Tip from our Secretary office:

We can offer you some online assistance through “training videos”:
How to attend a Zoom meeting:
Zoom instruction from other sources:
https://senate.universityofcalifornia.edu/_files/resources/zoom-instructions.pdf and
You might profit from this 30 minute training. This training might take your Zoom skills to the next level. You will learn how to become a room moderator, train speakers, as well as successfully pre-record and replay presentations.