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SHOT Annual Meeting – Frequently Asked Questions

Version 10 October 2023


If you have specific requirements regarding accessibility, please include this information in the session proposal. We will do everything in our power to meet those requirements.

Child Care

Although SHOT does not provide Child Care, we normally provide a room for child-feeding/child care. With the move from Long Beach to L.A., to our regret, we will not be able to provide a special room. We are looking into alternatives.

Conference participation

Conference fee 2023

Join SHOT or renew a membership via the SHOT-website here

Can I present papers at consecutive SHOT Annual Meetings?

SHOT allows the same speaker to present papers at consecutive meetings, but turns down papers that are substantially the same as previously accepted ones. Any submission on the same topic should explain how the new paper differs from a prior presentation.

Can the program committee propose changes in pre-organized sessions?

Most pre-organized sessions, if accepted, will remain as proposed. In select cases, depending on the quality of individual abstracts and their coherence within the session, one or more of the proposed papers may be rejected or moved to another session. Occasionally, the program committee may ask the session organizer to consider an individual abstract submitted directly to the program committee that speaks directly to the theme of a proposed session. If you believe that your session can only work as a single unit, please specify “all or none,” with or without explanation, and the program committee will evaluate the session proposal as a unit.

Can I submit a paper or session proposal

The deadline for submitting proposals for the 2023 SHOT Annual Meeting is 1 April 2023. Call for Proposals is closed.

Are paper presenters allowed have additional roles at the SHOT Annual Meeting?

Individuals may present one titled paper, and participate in two additional published roles that are listed in the regular portion of the annual meeting program. Additional roles include, and are not limited to session chair, commentator, panelist (including roundtables), and shorter (<10 minute) titled work-in-progress talks. Being listed as an organizer is exempted from being counted as a published role.

Is a SHOT membership required to participate?

A SHOT membership is required for all participants of the annual meeting. The registration fee for non-members includes membership of the current year. Alternatively, it is possible to join SHOT or renew a membership via the SHOT-website here.

Logistics to easily obtain your membership registration number: 
go to the SHOT website, click “join/renew”, https://shot.press.jhu.edu/membership/log-in
If you have an account set up, and a current membership, the page that pops up will have the membership number/customer ID right at the top.

Are all authors of accepted papers listed in the program?

All authors of a accepted papers will be listed in the program. In the case of papers with multiple authors all authors will be listed in the program, but only the author(s) that is/are presenting the paper at the annual meeting has/have to register for the annual meeting.

When will conference registration open? And what will registration cost?

Registration for the annual meeting is expected to open 1 August.

Conference “early registration” fee will normally start with $160 for a Student SHOT member and will be close to $300/$350 for a full registration for Non members (and will include a full membership

Conference venue

We will meet near downtown LA in the University of Southern California on campus USC Hotel which is not part of the labor dispute.

USC Hotel
3540 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles CA 90007
United States
Telephone:  1-833-22665872

Contact information

How can I reach the SHOT conference organization?

The conference is organized by the SHOT secretariat. You can reach the SHOT secretariat by e-mail at [email protected]. During conference hours you can visit the main conference desk.


Covid-19 Policy

The safety of our community and the communities we visit is our top priority; the SHOT staff and leadership continue to monitor the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic. The changeable nature of the virus makes it difficult to predict what to expect in October. Depending on the situation SHOT will take as many precautions as needed to create a safe meeting environment. This could include requiring participants to wear masks. Information on the COVID-19 policy for the SHOT Long Beach meeting will be published on the SHOT website late September and in the October Newsletter.

Following official guidelines

Unless either the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or state and local guidelines dictate otherwise, SHOT 2023 Long Beach will primarily be an in-person gathering. In case new official guidelines or travel restrictions make it impossible to meet in person, SHOT will switch towards a virtual meeting format. All registrations for the in-person meeting will then automatically be transferred to a virtual meeting platform.


Is it possible to apply for travel grants?

To support travel to the annual SHOT meeting, participants can apply for travel grants. Information on available travel grants and links to the application forms will normally be posted on the SHOT website in June. Deadlines for all grant have past. All awardees have been informed.

Meeting Room Facilities

Are there lap-top computers available in the meeting rooms?

SHOT does not provide computers in the meeting rooms. Presenters need to bring their own computers. It is of course possible to use the computer of one of the organizers or presenters for the entire session. You are requested to bring your own adapters, especially Apple users, as the convention center only has a limited number of spare connectors available.

Are there projectors available in the meeting rooms?

All session-rooms will be fitted with an LCD projector and projection screen.

Will it be possible to attend the meeting via the internet (remote access)?

Unless either the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or state and local guidelines dictate otherwise, SHOT 2023 Long Beach will primarily be an in-person gathering. As part of our commitment as an international academic society, we aim to make online access a regular feature of SHOT’s annual meetings, both for presenters and general conference participants. Concrete plans for remote and hybrid access during SHOT 2023 Long Beach are being developed. We will post further information as soon as possible.

(NON) OECD Countries.

The 38 OECD countries are: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.

Online, hybrid, pre-recorded presentations

Find tips here.

Refund Policy

The following refund policy applies:

SHOT advises all participants to arrange a travel insurance.

Students and First-Time SHOT Attendees

If you are a student or a first-time attendee of the SHOT conference, we invite you to meet SHOT’s Officers and International scholars over breakfast (usually) on Friday – if you wish to attend this, please check the “Breakfast: First attenders and Students” box on the registration form. We also invite you to learn about SHOT’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and sign up for any of the SIG meetings that are part of our SHOT conference – to learn about SHOT’s SIGs, please find out more here.

Test Zoom on your Computer
Visit https://zoom.us/start/webmeeting and create a Free account if needed. This will launch a Zoom meeting where you can practice your audio, camera, and screen sharing. We will be using Zoom for our conference and the same general features you see here in your free account will work.
We can offer you some online assistance through “training videos”:
how to attend a Zoom meeting: 
Zoom instruction from other sources:
https://senate.universityofcalifornia.edu/_files/resources/zoom-instructions.pdf  and
This training might take your Zoom skills to the next level, this is a training that might be useful for panelists as well as moderators:  30 minute on demand training  (you will learn how to become a room moderator, train speakers, as well as successfully pre-record and replay presentations).