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Submit an open session proposal for the open sessions list

Society for the History of Technology (SHOT)
Annual Meeting – Long Beach
25-29 October 2023

Individuals and groups interested in finding others to join an organized session can submit an open session proposal to be posted on the SHOT website. Submit a 150-250 word abstract describing the proposed session, the type of papers you are looking for, and contact information (name, affiliation, email address) for the session organizer(s).

SHOT will post the proposals in the open sessions list on the SHOT website. The open sessions list will be updated daily until March 15th, 2023, so make sure to submit your proposal in time.

Those interested in participating in a session listed on the open sessions list should contact the organizer(s) of that session directly.

It is not possible anymore to submit a proposal for the 2023 meeting.

From open session proposal to fully assembled SHOT 2023 session proposal

Based on the abstracts received open session organizers have to create and submit a fully assembled session proposal (either a traditional session proposal or an unconventional session proposal) to the program committee. If needed, it is possible to submit a “thread” consisting of two and at most three connected sessions.

Please note: The extended deadline for submitting fully assembled session proposals was April 15, 2023. It is not possible anymore to submit proposals.