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Who Needs a Chile Visa?

Certain nationals are free to travel to Chile with simply their passport (and sometimes only an ID card) for stays of up to 90 days. Nationals of those countries are not required to apply for a Chile visa prior to traveling, but they will receive a Tourist Card from the immigration authorities upon their arrival.

All other nationals who are not Chile visa-exempt have to apply for a visa before they are allowed to travel to Chile.

Please click here to see whether you need a Chile visa.

Here is the list of countries where Chilean passport holders can travel visa free.

What are the Types of Chile visa?

The most common types of Chile visa are:

Chile Visa Requirements

When applying for a Chilean visa, you must have several supporting documents, such as:

You have to attach the documents in PDF format on the online Chile visa application service. You must name the documents accordingly. For example, if you are attaching your flight reservation, name the document “YourLastNameFlightReservation”.

Additionally, you must have originals of all the documents you uploaded when you visit the nearest Chile consulate to obtain your visa.

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of requirements. You will receive a checklist when you make your online application. Furthermore, additional documents may be required based on your purpose of travel, such as for work or study.