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Bibliography for Doing AntiRacist History of Technology

In recognition of the Movement for Black Lives and a widespread acknowledgement that revisions have been sorely needed to the Doing History of Technology section of the SHOT website, a volunteer group of SHOT members convened to redress the issue by compiling this list of books, articles, and other sources in history of technology and related fields that are anti-racist, anti-colonial, and inclusive in sentiment. We did so by soliciting recommendations for a revised list of Classics to replace bibliographies listed on the SHOT website. In retaining the word “classic,” we aim to problematize the perceived neutrality of the term.

This effort is a work in progress and will be updated and re-organized periodically. To contribute additional sources, or contact the organizers of this page, use this form. 

Articles and Chapters





Anna Åberg

Donna J. Drucker

Charnell Chasten Long

Alana Staiti

Bess Williamson

Geoff Zylstra



Janet Abbate

Hyungsub Choi

Eileen Clancy

Alexandra Cook

Henrique Cukierman

Yulia Frumer

Penelope Hardy

Gabrielle Hecht

Chris Hesselbein

Mar Hicks

Jenny Ungbha Horn

Rachel Maines

Anto Mohsin

Arwen Mohun

Fabian Prieto Ñañez

Yoehan Oh

Suvobrata Sarkar

Ramesh Subramanian

Aristotle Tympas

Miaofeng Yao

Additional contributors chose to remain anonymous.