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Preparing and submitting a traditional session proposal

Joint Annual Meeting – Viña del Mar
9-14 July 2024

Traditional (fully assembled) session proposals

Sessions of 3 or 4 papers, with a session chair listed in the proposal. You may also list a commentator. Please note: If a commentator has a central role in the session (e.g., a titled commentary), we suggest that there be only 3 papers in the session.

Especially if compiled based on an open session proposal, sessions may be organized into a “thread” consisting of two and at most three sessions, which the program committee will strive to schedule in consecutive sessions in the same room.

All session proposals must include:

Go to the online portal to submit a session proposal

Robinson Prize Candidates: The Joan Cahalin Robinson Prize is awarded annually for the best-presented paper by an individual delivering their first paper at the SHOT annual meeting. In case you want to be considered for the Robinson Prize please also complete this application form.

You can find all eligibility guidelines and Robinson Prize instructions on the SHOT website.